In conformity to the requirements of Legislative Decree 24/2023 governing WHISTLEBLOWING, Syncro System SpA has put in place a portal for reporting actions or events that might be in violation of applicable laws and regulations (national or or the European Union).

The portal allows the whistleblower (reporting party) to choose whether or not to provide their identity. Access to the portal is controlled in such a way as to prevent identification of the whistleblower should they prefer to remain anonymous. On accessing the portal, the whistleblower will be asked to fill in a questionnaire explaining the nature of the report (facts, context, etc.).

On submission of the report, the portal issues the whistleblower with a unique report number (ticket). This number is only revealed to the whistleblower and cannot be recovered if lost. The ticket subsequently enables the whistleblower to access their report in order to: monitor its progress; add additional information relevant to the report; add personal details; ask questions or respond to requests for clarification; request a personal meeting. The portal therefore establishes a virtual dialogue between the whistleblower and the party receiving the report while ensuring the necessary confidentiality and, if the whistleblower so chooses, anonymity.

For further details on whistleblowers and the protections afforded them and on the nature of whistleblower reports, please see the procedure published here.

To access the portal and submit a report, click here: https://syncrosystem.wb.scuadra.online/#/

The whistleblowing privacy policy published through the portal is also available here